Our story

Life is a gift, let’s enjoy it

Fascinated by the senses that influence our moods

Inspired by life and fascinated by the senses that have such an influence on our state of mind, smell, sight, and touch form the basis of our exclusive ‘Erkens the mood makers’ collections. The range consists of luxurious diffusers, lovely fragrances for the home, and beautifully fragranced candles in many sizes. We have plenty of sensual fragrances to choose from to get you in the right mood.



We are proud of our Dutch roots and we enjoy sharing them with the world. These roots are conveyed in our brand through a lion as our logo. Here, the lion isn’t just a symbol of craftsmanship, design, and quality; it also symbolizes our friendly approach. After all, life is too short not to laugh now and then. The lion developed from handwritten letters, and this unique signature is also reflected in the ranges of our brand. And, of course, the Dutch national colour of orange had to be used. To us, orange symbolizes life and the challenge to find inspiration each day anew.

The glass bowls

Unique objects

Each one of the hand-blown glass vessels is unique. They are developed during a fascinating process involving quartz (extracted from sand), soda, fire, and some passionate craftsmanship. The glass is exceptionally clear and has an impressive weight, which you can feel in the solid glass sides. The three elegant basic shapes, designed with an eye for detail, can be effortlessly combined in a stylish interior. Whichever ‘My Favourite’ you choose, it will be a stunning object in your home.

We colour life

A stunning palette

The basis of each collection from Erkens the mood makers is always formed by intense colours – a stunning palette that’s bound to have your favourite colours.
Whichever colour that may be, you will add a fantastic quality and atmosphere to your home with a ‘My Favourite’ fragranced candle from ‘Erkens the mood makers’.

Ekens Green Paradise

Inspired by Mother Nature

Delicate and layered

We have succeeded in combining the most delicate fragrances to achieve intense compositions that will excite you time and time again. This has been done in close collaboration with our parfumiers, who have a fabulous memory for fragrances and have learned the fine points of their profession in Grasse. In short, we strive for the highest achievable quality. This is why the fragrances we make are highly valued by so many.
It starts when you light your ‘My Favourite’ fragranced candle, subtly releasing the various fragrance tones. The same occurs with our Erkens the mood makers Diffusers and the Mood Booster Interior Perfume. You will experience the ever-inspiring arrangement of the fragrance notes to be relaxing or others as sensuous and still others as revitalizing. Call it the wondrous world of Mother Nature.




In order to be able to guarantee a consistent mass, each ‘My Favourite’ object is poured by hand in multiple phases using the greatest care. The wax blend is based on natural raw materials. This is done in combination with wicks made from Egyptian cotton which help provide an optimum burning and an enchanting flame pattern. It is the ultimate way to add atmosphere, at any time of the day.

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